Friday, 2 April 2010


How is it that as soon as things get better something bad happens? Is this just how life works or is it just me? So i think i should just get on with life but its obviously hard for some people. I dont understand how people can just get on with things even when something terrible has happened.
So its the begging of the easter holidays and i have nothing whatsoever planned! Haha. Bummer! Ive started to spring clean. I mean that is quite sad for a 14 year old when they should me out having fun. The people in my village are all messups. Smoking and drinking all the time and to be honest i really dont want to be involve with it all. I used to hang round with them all and i got into all that stuff but i just think it is boring. I should just enjoy being young. But thats hard in this generation.
School- dont get me started. I moved schools about a month ago and i love it but i hate all the bitching. And even though i hate it its hard not to when my firnds are. I do have to admit that ever scince i moved schools its been so much better. But its the general idea of school that really does bore me.