Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Theres a fine fine line.

Okay so on a good note... I entered this music competition and I came second :) I sang theres a fine fine line from avenue Q. I love all the musical theatre stuff. Its ace!!!
On a bad note.. this bitch at school told the teacher that me and two other friends were smoking weed (cannabis) on the top field. The teachers had no proof or anything and belived us. As we were telling the truth. But to top it off she accused my friend laura of saying her dads nearly dead an then said to laura "At least I live with my dad" (laura hasnt seen her dad for a year) and then to my friend emiley "At least I have a dad!" (emileys dad died two years ago of cancer and this proper upset her). I hate people like that! It really stresses me out.

Ciao x