Sunday, 15 January 2012

I dont know what im doing. Im hoping for something that is obviously not going to happen. Mehh.

I do it all the time. Wish for something when there is no possibility of it happening.

Ive become too obsessed with musicals lately and all of my free time is spent ripping youtube for their sountracks, reading the storyline, finsing out their original casts and writers and looking for pictures.

But I love musical theatre more than my body needs blood. Or i could say that metophorically musical theatre is my blood.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Why do films always turn out so amazing? If you did a film about the reality of life it would be so shit. Just like life.
Warhorse- an amzing film and stage show- is an example. Albert and Joey reunite in the end and survive the war.

I try and survive every minute of my life without doing something stupid. Its funny because none of my friends know what i'm going through. Most of them are so worried about their lives. Whereas I deal with my problems and help them. But I think I need to change it because my way of dealing with things isnt exactly what normal people do.

Oh well, life goes on.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

This is how I feel after my first exam today! I have one next thursday and thats it until june but its not the point. The exam was for core studies (rats) and its worth half a gcse. Im an A-level student doing school work. Ughh. And, to make it even worse I had not clue what was happenening because the lessons were always cut short.
I blagged the exam to fuck! I made up so much crap it is unbelievable, Now one exam to do and if I pass I wont have to go to the lessons ever again. Now that sounds very positve.
In my arts award lesson today I final finished my song for my arts challenge. It needs a lot of tightening up and defining ever note but I think it could be a great song. I'm looking forwards to the finished product anyway.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Do you ever get the feeling that what someone has said to you has been complete and utter bullshit? Well I do, all the time. I know who I can trust and who I can't but I seem to fall into friendships, being led astray, hoping that I could resurrect some sort of bond.

I do it all the time too. You'd think that i'd have learnt my lesson by now. So from now on, I vow not to make the effort and let them do it, however much I want to. Because after a while putting in so much effort drains you. And being led to think that your friendship is great when its really one sided is just sad.

I know, im ranting. I'll read this back and think 'What the fuck is she moaning about?' and why dont I make sense? I make sense in my mind. I am weird in that way. I could go on for hours and noone would have a bloody clue what i'm on about. Ah well, fuck it.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

"You don't need to hide behind anything or anyone...go out and blast the bastards cos you are GORGEOUS."

This is something that I got told today. It made me smile so much. Just the thought of having someone so far away being so supportive motivates me even more. I know I have the support from my family but its always nice to know that someone else believes in you. And it doesnt matter who they are!

I think that its strange tht one person can effect who you become or what you decide to do. Like my old music teacher who recently passed away. You really dont appreciate something/someone untill it's gone. And its not like we mean to do so either, I think that its just a part of life that helps make people stronger and better people.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


It has been a long time since I last posted. Two years. Wow. The time really does fly by.

An update on my life:

  • I finished school. (A* in music, A in drama, B in english, C in maths & science & ICT, D in art, E in R.E) I am happy that I got good grades in music, english and drama because I have now decided I want to become a musical theatre performer.
  • I started college in september 2011. Im doing Performing arts, drama & theatre studies, music and english language for my A levels. I think im doing well in them. I love college so much, I never thought that I would though.
  • Im in two musicals at the moment. We will rock you with college. I am the understudy to Killer Queen. When I found out that I was an understudy I was angry. Purely because I felt like I wasnt good enough.. It hurt. Im also in a new musical with fusion youth theatre. Its called Queen of the seas and Its about 6 female pirates being brought on a ship by The red maid and finding who is the best. All of the characters were real pirates or myths. I am the red maid. I think this will be so much fun and I cant wait for rehearsals to start.
  • I am also in a Shakespeare play called Twelfth Night. I am Marie. We might be touring in poland also. Woooohhhh!!!! The play is about a woman who pretends to be her brother but then falls in love. I really like this play and I am having so much fun rehearsing for it. Athough sometimes I dont get to do anythign in rehearsals, it seems pointless me being there.

This is life at the moment. It very busy because I'm trying to get as much experience as I can before I go to musical theatre school.

Lets see what this year brings.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Theres a fine fine line.

Okay so on a good note... I entered this music competition and I came second :) I sang theres a fine fine line from avenue Q. I love all the musical theatre stuff. Its ace!!!
On a bad note.. this bitch at school told the teacher that me and two other friends were smoking weed (cannabis) on the top field. The teachers had no proof or anything and belived us. As we were telling the truth. But to top it off she accused my friend laura of saying her dads nearly dead an then said to laura "At least I live with my dad" (laura hasnt seen her dad for a year) and then to my friend emiley "At least I have a dad!" (emileys dad died two years ago of cancer and this proper upset her). I hate people like that! It really stresses me out.

Ciao x